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If you have any questions or you need support during the mint, please feel free to join our Discord channel on the HashLips server.

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The Brand

Whether you're a developer, an artist, an investor, or a web3 enthusiast, you need access to an ecosystem of development support, open source resources and educational material. Open Devs Crew has the unique goal of actively contributing to and supporting the growth of web3 brands with a suite of newest technologies formed around us.

The best way to ensure that the future of web and blockchain technologies are exactly how we envision them, is to be on the front line to design and develop that future.

Discover the Open Devs Crew “kit” and amplify and enhance your journey.

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What makes us different

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    The core team includes a doxxed founder who has been building and contributing to open source software for years both in Web2 and Web3. He is the co-founder of the company who is the official sponsor and main service provider.

  • Experience icon


    A core team of experienced developers and artists who have proven their worth and who's work is publicly verifiable thanks to collaborations with brands like Hashlips Lab, Sketchy Labs and many more.

  • Decentralization icon


    A brand that focuses on decentralization from day one, distributing 100% of royalties, if any, generated by the secondary market to its holders, without intermediaries. 1

  • Structure icon

    Exceptional framework

    Our solutions have been deployed by many web3 projects, including very prominent collections in the top 100 all-time, all-chains on Opensea.

  • Quality icon

    High quality art

    Art made with extreme care and love. Our NFTs have been hand drawn, vectorized, coloured and lastly enhanced with rich textures. The end result is visual NFT art that obtains the maximum visual impact!

  • Details icon

    Attention to detail

    Our NFTs have been put through a rigorous analytical process using a suite of tools and manual user selection (ELO rating system) to ensure the best trait combinations that look magical!

The Collection

Metadata generated
Tokens generated
Total supply

Art ❤️ Programming

These are not your usual NFTs! This is a one of a kind, hand crafted, carefully selected and curated collection designed to amaze! Out of 7M+ possible combinations, only 20K were selected and metadata generated. These 20K have then been analyzed with tailor-made tools to guarantee that each token would be not only unique, but visually different from any other by a significant factor. In addition, trait selection has been carefully curated to ensure a varied distribution of traits that meet quality expectations. Throughout this process, 10K tokens were discarded, leaving 10K metadata tokens for which their respective images were generated.

The ELO rating system was the secret weapon used to select only 1,990 final tokens out of 10K based on the approval of a sample of selected NFT fans. Only 1,990 NFT's out of a possible 7 million!

ELO character

Animal Cosplays

For a long time, in the NFT world, the daily question was “what animal will characterize the next blue chip?”. The animal represented on the tokens has often assumed almost more importance than everything else, so much so that it quickly became the object of MEMES and the reason for FUD.

The characters of this collection do not love to be labelled with a certain animal species, they are “Open Devs”, but they do love dressing up in a fun and bizarre way. Five lucky tokens were officially elected as Animal Cosplay because of their ability to impersonate certain fellow animals.

Down below you can discover the next one up in the reveal order, who will be the lucky minter?

Anymal cosplays
Llama cosplay character


This Open Dev is staring at someone defiantly, it does not fear confrontation, one can notice this also by the decidedly inelegant expression immortalized on its face. Furthermore, it is wearing a very fashionable hat from “Lama Glama”, a brand very in vogue among the nerdy minds of Open Devs.

  • Llama cosplay character
  • Hidden character
  • Hidden character
  • Hidden character
  • Hidden character

The Sad Gang

The use of the ELO rating system initially made us think that some traits would be excluded from the shortlist in the 1,990 final tokens. In reality, our artist, FreaksPix, curated every layer to ensure that no trait would be completely excluded during the selection. Now, that's dedication and passion!

Nevertheless, we noticed during our analysis that our team of curators preferred happy and silly faces rather than those clearly sad. For this reason, for example, crying eyes were generally paired with smiling faces, turning them into tears of joy!

This is great as we wanted our art to generally represent positivity, but we are also aware that in life it would not be possible to truly appreciate joy without a trace of sadness every so often. For this reason, the “Sad Gang” was born!

It is made up on only three tokens in the entire collection that have an unequivocally sad expression and this makes them extremely rare. Would you have ever imagined that the reveal of a sad face token would be able to bring joy to its owner?!

Sad Gang character
Hidden NFS character

N** F** S***

What are these you may be wondering? The true identity of these tokens is top secret. Rumors reveal that some clues could already be hidden inside the first mints, but their true nature remains a mystery.

The only thing is certain: these tokens are designed for true legends, only a diamond hand can hold onto a token so confident in itself!

The Team

  • Liarco's picture

    Liarco Founder

    Marco Lipparini (a.k.a. Liarco), Partner and Head of Development of MEP Srl communications agency and founder of the NFT Open Devs Crew brand.

  • FreaksPix's picture

    FreaksPix Artist

    Alessandro (a.k.a. FreaksPix) was born in Bologna in November of 1986. He developed a passion for hand drawing from a young age and during his studies of graphics and design he transferred this passion from pieces of paper to digital ones.

  • MEP Srl logo

    MEP Srl Main sponsor

    MEP is a marketing agency based in Bologna (in northern Italy) founded in 2012. It's characterized by a strong sense of creativity and a technological soul. Its core business is to build marketing and communications strategies focused on expanding its Partners' reputation and sales opportunities.

Web3 Partners

  • HashLips logo


    A community of artists and developers passionate about web3, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, led by Daniel Eugene Botha (HashLips), on his Discord server with almost 40k users and his YouTube channel with more than 90k subscribers.

  • HashLips Lab logo

    HashLips Lab

    A GitHub organization founded by HashLips and Liarco with the aim of developing open source tools related to the web3 and NFT world. One of the main focuses is also providing training through freely available video tutorials, to allow for healthy and sustainable growth aided by increased knowledge.

  • Sketchy Labs logo

    Sketchy Labs

    NFT community with an ambitious goal: creating the biggest educative, creative community in the world. The premiere place for artists, writers, musicians and creators to learn and collaborate.

We would like thank these communities of true Open Source lovers for the support and resources.

The Blueprint

We are passionate about building long term value. Roadmaps as they have come to be known, don't fully represent our ambitions. That's why we have the blueprint. It is not based on unlocking achievement or reaching percentages. The Open Devs Crew brand, as a philosophy and activity, started in November 2021. This collection is your opportunity to take part and join us on this journey!

The work of people like Liarco and HashLips, of companies like MEP Srl or communities like Sketchy Labs aims to give a friendly, welcoming, and safe format to web3. This is done through open source projects, educational materials, professional support, and the creation of products for web3 brands and also for traditional businesses that want to benefit from the interesting opportunities offered by decentralized technologies.

All of these activities improve the ecosystem and can generate value that can be shared directly, without intermediaries, with the people that share the same values and do their part as developers, investors or even ambassadors, bringing awareness of our community to more and more people.

We have ambitious goals, like for example:

  • The development of support tools for NFT communities in order to improve security and sustainability over time (like HashLips Lab projects, for artists and developers that contribute directly to the growth of the community through donations)
  • The development of a subscription system, based on the blockchain, that can be truly sustainable for companies and professionals. Partners, like MEP Srl, will be able to use such tools in order to provide professional support and give back to the community
  • Research and development of tools that bring traditional businesses closer to blockchain and web3 technologies, like for example privacy consent management solutions based on blockchain
  • The creation of educational materials through videos and livestreams, with priority access to members of the community, but also directly to a broader audience, in order to let more and more people know about our brand thanks to channels with a large following like the HashLips community
  • Preparation and team support for the participation in Hackathons promoted by various organizations in and outside the blockchain world. The funds generated by any awards, net of costs incurred, will be directly reinvested in the collection

You can discover more about all this, and examine the source code, in our GitHub repository.

Additional notes:


Any ETH and WETH funds received by the collection smart contract (mint cost, on-chain royalties, donations, etc.) get split into 1990 equal parts. Each token that has been minted within previous transactions receives one of those parts, while the remaining parts (unminted tokens) count as funds that can be withdrawn by MEP Srl to fund its educational and open source activities in support to the brand.

The contract supports on-chain royalties suggestion thank to EIP-2981. Any marketplace supporting that standard will be told to send any royalties to the contract itself.

Owners who have been holding at least one token for 90 days (Diamond Hands Holders) will be able to withdraw funds, if any, collected by their tokens directly from the contract (on-chain).

Diamond Hands Holders who hold at least 20 tokens are considered Whales.

A owner's wallet must perform at least one of the following actions once every 2 years in order to be considered active:

  • Withdraw funds, if any, from at least one of its tokens
  • Refresh the latest withdrawal timestamp by calling the dedicated public function on the smart contract

Whales will be able to withdraw funds, if any, from tokens owned by inactive wallets. This is allowed in order to make so that funds won't get stuck in case some tokens get lost or become inaccessible for any reasons (e.g. private key is lost or the NFT is accidentally transferred to a dead wallet).

After a wallet has performed any actions that update its activity status, then any transfer of tokens from the same address will be rejected for the next 24 hours. This is intended to mitigate misconduct such as withdrawing immediately before accepting an offer.

The behavior described in this note is completely decentralized and, since the Solidity contract won't be upgradable, nobody, not even the founders, will ever be able to take control of it or update the code after deployment.